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What to Eat and not to eat after Wisdom Teeth Removal

If we read the article of what to eat after wisdom teeth removal, we may be about to have the wisdom teeth removed and wonder what in the world that we are supposed to consume. On the other hand, we may get the wisdom teeth extracted and get bored of the similar some foods. When we have a wisdom teeth removal, we cannot eat some foods as the recommendation of the doctor. We can only eat some foods that will not cause damage to the treatment. That’s why we often feel bored with that condition that we cannot eat our favorite foods.

Improvement on what to eat after wisdom teeth removal

After having the wisdom teeth removed, many folks of what to eat after wisdom teeth removal are bordered to the liquid food for a while. The amount of time is different with every person. The appetite will be made smaller during the healing process. We can get on to the diet of soft food after removal. Then, we can improve to the chewing. We have to be patient during the time of removal. We need to eat the foods with the levels of hardness step by step. If we eat hard foods directly after the removal, it will damage the removal that we have done. The steps are made to train our teeth to get used to any food that we eat.

We have to be sure to never consume of the straw during the whole recovery process after getting the oral surgery. It is the easy thing to not remember. But, the sure way to bother the blood clot before the gum heals. It will let us with the unpleasant dry socket. That is the way to do after having an oral surgery. If we want to get recovery soon, we need to follow that rule. If we ignore or forget about that, we may face the worse thing. We may need to wait for longer time.

Foods to avoid of what to eat after wisdom teeth removal

There are some foods that we have to avoid after getting the wisdom teeth removal. We need to get away from these foods for the better condition and the running well. It is not hard to remember the foods that we cannot eat than remembering the foods that we can eat. And those forbidden foods are:

  • First, we cannot eat everything chewy, such as the meat, the sandwich, the entire fruits, and the veggie.
  • Then, we cannot eat the snack and the junk food, such as the chip, the cookies, and the candy.
  • After that, we cannot eat the peanut butter. It is very sticky for the sore jaw to manage. It will also be hard to wash out of the hole that we will have in the mouth.
  • We cannot eat the peanut too.

Last, we cannot eat the rice. It tends to be stickier than the pasta. It requires a little more chewing. It can more get trapped in the hole in the mouth.

How to Stop Grinding Teeth by Knowing the Symptoms and Impacts

How to stop grinding teeth is quite difficult since this habit is done unconsciously, most people grind their teeth at sleep or spontaneously. Many people have this kind of damaging habit and it will give the worse conditions if this habit is not stopped. If you are one of those people then you are highly risked on having many impacts which are damaged your mouth health.

Knowing the Causes for How to Stop Grinding Teeth

There are many causes which are provoked the habit of grinding teeth. For example stress, anxiety, abnormal bite, missing or cracked teeth, the unorganized sleep pattern. If you are having one or even more that two then you have to be aware on this habit, since how to stop grinding teeth will be more troublesome than prevent or avoid it. To Stopping the habit if grinding teeth will require so many treatments and money, and then better to know the causes.

The common cause of the habit of grinding teeth is the stress. Stress makes people tend to be anxious and not relaxed; it will make people tend to grind their teeth as the reaction of stress or the pressure that they feel. How to stop grinding teeth will be easier if people are more aware on how this bad habit may result the worse condition especially the mouth, the health of the mouth will be more certain and you may relieve from the impacts possibility.

Tips on How to Stop Grinding Teeth

How to stop grinding teeth will give the better result if you also stop some habits which are supporting this habit, if you are a lover of coffee, then you need to stop drink the coffee too much, at least you have to reduce the number of how many you drink coffee per day. Grinding teeth will be reduced a lot if you lessen this habit. The reason of why coffee is causing the grinding teeth contains on the caffeine, and then you also need to reduce the consumption of chocolate and colas.

You need to know that stopping grinding teeth also requires you to reduce the number of how many you drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol is really useful on how to stop grinding teeth healthily without risking many drugs or money. Drinking alcohol will lead to an unhealthy habit and it will affect the habit of grinding teeth.

There are many causes and other habits which are the factors of the grinding teeth, then how to stop grinding teeth will be useless if this habit is getting worse. You may need some further treatments like using bridges, crowns, implants, root canals and partial or complete dentures. You need to know that grinding teeth will provoke the other impacts, like the reduced enamel on your teeth, then it will make your teeth are easily infected with the syndrome cracked teeth, or missing teeth and the pain over your jaw. You may get irregular headache, the sore jaw as the worse results. This habit will cause the worse condition for your mouth and the risks for your health.

Painful Cold Sores in Mouth

Cold sores in mouth is often happened which are really troublesome because it is so annoying and painful. Cold sores itself is a kind of fever blisters which are small, contain a clear liquid and it causes pain, itchy and burning feelings in your mouth, cold sores are also able to happen in other parts of our body, like cheek, chin, inside our nose, in the nostrils, gum or even in the roof of the mouth. In this case, mouth cold sores are very painful since it will distract you on enjoying your meals.

How to Prevent Cold Sores in Mouth with Knowing the Symptoms

There are many preventions for lessen the risks of cold sores in mouth, in order to get avoid any bad impacts. Mouth cold sores are cause by a virus called HSV, an acronym of herpes simplex virus; there are two types of herpes virus which may infect our body. HSV 1 and 2 both of those two types are causing this disease. You need to be carefully on this disease since the symptoms are quite brief but we often ignore it.

You may suffer of fever as the sign that you will have the cold sores in mouth. You will have the quite high fever but not so dangerous since it is just the sigh of mouth cold sores. The pain inside your mouth will be so much stronger and it may because you to have felt uncomfortable for the pain that is may occurred due to the cold sores.

There are several symptoms of cold sores in mouth, like feels like burning, itchy and uncomfortably with the mouth condition. You may also have sore throat as the symptom of cold sores; this sore throat is quite often happened as the reaction of the cold sores promotion in your mouth. You may also have the condition of where the swollen grand in your neck as the sign of cold sores in your mouth, because the cold sores are also available to be happened in the other parts of the body.

How to Prevent and Cure the Cold Sores in Mouth

How to prevent cold sores in mouth is not difficult as long as you do not touch the fever blisters, since the virus will spread to your body if you touch the virus, once you got the HSV, it will not ever get out from your body, it will stay forever and it cannot be cured. But do not desperate since it will be fine as long as you know to prevent, that is by never exchange your private tools like razors, or anything that are possible affected with the virus.

You need to be more alert on lending or borrowing things from other people, since the virus of cold sores in mouth is on the saliva. If you like to kiss your couple with tongue, better to avoid that if you feel uncomfortable with your mouth condition with the symptoms above. Better to have more awareness on using other people belongings which are connected with the saliva, this is important to prevent any worse damages.