The Best Solution How to Lose Weight Fast

OCD or Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet is a diet method that is triggered by a mentalist, Deddy Corbuzier. Now, this diet method increasingly attracted the attention of the public, although at first it had been pros and cons. Positive response from the community came from the success of the creator of this diet itself. Deddy Corbuzier has managed to turn his fat body becomes more toned and muscular. Obviously, this is the main attraction for people to try this dieting method. In fact, many artists also practice this to lose their weight and get the ideal body. Are you interested to try it? Here’s explain the venus factor and how to lose weight fast by Corbuzier-style OCD diet.

How to lose weight fast by Corbuzier is different from other diet methods. Beside, today the popular diet methon is leptin diet. If other dietary said to reduce the size of the meal for losing weight fast, this OCD diet allows you to eat whatever you like at a certain time. Here, you will be familiar with the term “windows eating”, timing where you are allowed to eat while other times you have to fast. However, you are not fasting like fasting in general; you still allowed to drink no-calorie beverages such as water and unsweetened tea..

Venus Diet

8 hours Free Eat, 16 hours Fast

This “windows eating” of how to lost weight fast is suitable for the beginners who want lose weight fast. In this method, you have free time to eat for 8 hours. And the rest of the time, 16 hours, you are not allowed to eat. For example, you start a diet OCD at 12 pm. Well, as long as 8 hours, 12 pm to 8 pm, you are allowed to eat. Once it is at 8 pm until 12 pm on the next day you should not eat, but you are allowed to drink no-calorie beverages.

6 hours Free Eat, 18 hours Fast

Next is how to lose weight fast in a second “windows eating”. Here, you have free time to eat only for 6 hours, and 18 hours of rest you must to fasting. This “windows eating” can be applied when you are familiar with the first methods.

4 hours Free Eat, 20 hours Fast

In this third “windows eating”, your free eat time is limited. You are allowed to eat whatever you like just as long as 4 hours. 20 hours of rest you are not allowed to eat. If this how to lose weight fast is heavy, you can combine it with the methods of diet on the second “windows eating”. Learn more information about venus factor reviews here.